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Welcome! You have stumbled upon the internet stronghold of the Philolexian Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation founded in 2001 to support the work of the Philolexian Society of Columbia University.

The Foundation's mandate is simple: to provide assistance for Philo beyond what Columbia University can provide. This includes additional support for the group's literary magazine, the purchase of Philo memorabilia, and other projects undertaken by the Philos.

On a more long term basis, the Foundation hopes to finance a permanent Philo space in the Columbia area, enhance the Philo library, sponsor lectures, and perhaps create Philo field trips to other debating societies, strengthening our ties with them.

The Foundation is also committed to supporting the benefits of full Philo membership, such as the full Philo coat rack, the Philo web presence, the linear algebra help line and symbolic logic tutoring (now an overseas call), the full Philo dating service, hot tub, and other secret privileges you will learn about if you ever join those of us in the know.

But the Foundation is about more than just financial support. The Foundation is the link between the Society and its alums. The Philos remind the geezers of the importance of the Philos of today, and the geezers share with the Philos the history of the Philo of yore. It is that bond, those poorly remembered tales recounted over a glass of black and tan that remind us that Philo goes beyond what we experience during our brief time on the undergraduate campus.

Stop for a moment to consider what the world was like when Philo was founded in 1802. Think of all that it has seen. Think of all it will see. It is up to us to ensure the memories of that past and guarantee that future.

Hold fast to the spirit of youth — let years to come do what they may!

Amitai Schlair (GS 2009)
The Philolexian Foundation